Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Grandma's Lace"

Piece Name: "Grandma's Lace" Postcard

This is a fabric postcard made in the crazy quilt style for the 2007 RCTQ Crazy Quilt Postcard Swap (a group I belong to of online quilters who swap fabric postcards). Went all out on this one for my friend Flossy! I used vibrant green and purple scrap fabrics, fancy stitches in colorful coordinating thread, and lace trims that I received a few years ago from crazy quilters as thanks for running a velvet swap. This one was not difficult to make but was labor intensive. Took somewhere between two and three hours to make. I call it "Grandma's Lace" because it sure looks like it could be things raided from a beloved grandmother's sewing stash!

I can't savor my creation for long...this one is bound for jolly ol' England tomorrow!!!

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