Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ocean Friends Bracelet Swap 2007

Piece Name: "Starfish Waves" Bracelet

I created this bracelet for Debbie (a fellow New Jersey-ian) for the Beadingaholics Yahoo Group 2007 Bracelet Swap. The swap theme was "Ocean Friends". The design is my own and *kinda* resembles the original idea in my head! It is 8" and is made with round gold filled wire in guages 16 and 20, cloisonne beads, starfish beads, and small beige beads. I went for a crazy, sloppy wire wrapped look that is supposed to emulate the chaos of waves in the ocean. I made a pair of matching fish earrings. It is a very bright, tropical bracelet that will fit right in on cruise vacations and at beach parties!

If I were to make this again there are a few small design and execution changes I'd make to neaten everything up a bit. But you don't learn if you don't try!!! I tried and I learned! It was fun creating something of my own that wasn't from someone else's tutorial.

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DragonMommie said...

OMG. I was the recipient of this beautiful bracelet! I want you to know that I love it and still wear it...though I lost one of the earrings very early on, but finally tracked down the exact fish and made another one.

I can't believe that I found this now. I was doing a search on another bracelet that I have from this swap... I might have been a angel because I did also have another swap partner..... Debbie