Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love Apple Quilters
2006-2008 Executive Board Quilt

Piece Name:
LAQ 2006-2008 Executive Board
Quilt Show Volunteers Quilt

My quilt guild Love Apple Quilters of Cherry Hill, NJ has a quilt show every two years or so. For the 2007 Quilt Show the Executive Board that just stepped down at the time started a new tradition. They made a lovely group quilt. Every member of the guild who volunteered at the show got their name thrown in a hat. One lucky winner's name was drawn and won that quilt...and it wasn't me. DRAT!

The Executive Board during my presidency (2006-2008) loved the tradition and wanted to continue it for the LAQ 2009 show. We chose an ambitious quilt pattern from the March 2008 "The Quilter" magazine called "Jewel of the Night" by Roxanne Carter. We just loved the quilt and the colors used in the magazine and wanted to mirror them as closely as possible because they just glowed. We went on a fabric buying road trip to Amish country in Lancaster, PA and purchased the fabrics from three different quilt stores. It was a fun day!!! We did pretty darn well I think! If you'd like to compare the magazine's quilt to ours click here to see theirs.

We each made blocks and I assembled and quilted the quilt. I didn't get it done in time for the 2009 show in March (bad me!!!), nor for the April or May meetings (hey a I work full time and am a busy lady!!), but I FINALLY got it done for the June meeting and handed it over this week (tearfully I might add!). I am going to ask the lucky winner (not me again darnit!) to hang it in the next show.

The quilt turned out so nicely! There is a label on the back (above) listing all of our names and the offices we held. You can see us here with the quilt.

Left to Right: Melissa S. Boos (Me), Rachael Victor, Denise Mohan, and Donna Walker. Not pictured Phyllis White.

Quilt Completed June 8, 2009