Monday, June 4, 2007

Quilt Show this Weekend...

I have five of my quilted creations entered into the NJ State Quilt Guild's quilt show this upcoming weekend (June 7 - June 9). It is a non-juried (meaning any quilt sent in is accepted) and judged (has official judging and awards) quilt show. It is a large show and if you win an award here it is a top notch accomplishment. The quilting talent displayed ranges from children and beginners up to the masters in the art. It is amazing to see all that talent assembled in one room. That being said I have entered quilts many times and have never won. LOL! Don't worry I don't feel bad and never expected to win. I am just glad to hang the quilts in public once in awhile. And I admit to casually standing near them to eavesdrop on what people are saying about my quilts!! These are the quilts that I am entering in this year's show. The only one that has the tiniest, slimmest chance of possibly ribboning is the jacket.

This one I made in 2005 for my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary.

This one I made for the Love Apple Quilters Guild 2007 Challenge.

This one was a "just because" Christmas gift for my mom in 2006.

This one is shown unfinished (have to find my finished pictures!) and was made in 2007 just because I wanted to do it!

This one I made for the Love Apple Quilters Guild 2004 Challenge.

If for some amazing reason I do actually get some kind of award (I doubt it highly!!!) I'll keep you posted. :)

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Mei Tan said...

All of them are beautiful Melissa. I got hooked with wire jewelry when i actually was looking for info on quilting. Now i am totally hooked with wire and quilting and needle work have to wait.