Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Has Melissa Been So Quiet?

Why have I been so quiet lately? Simple, I have been quilting. A LOT! Ever since my room was cleaned I have been trying to spend my free time in there creating quilts. I actually have five different projects going! One is a long overdue project, and the rest are all new projects. I also have the added incentive that my guild's quilt show is coming up in March 2011. If I want quilts to hang in it I best get cracking!

This post is a sneak peak of what's cooking.

The Dogs Get Some Lovin' Too!

After cleaning my quilt/jewelry studio, my first project was for my greyhounds. They are getting up in years at 13 and 12 years, respectively, and I wanted to get them some nice 4" thick memory foam dog beds to ease their old bones. Since they are larger sized dogs they needed really big dog beds. When I priced out four of them (two upstairs and two downstairs) plus tax and shipping I was going to have to spend about $400. GACK! They were worth it, but there had to be a better way. There was. Me making them! I purchased a huge piece of 4" memory foam, cut it down, and sewed the covers myself with sturdy fabric I had on hand. I made the covers intentionally a little loose because the dogs like to circle and "nest". Each pair of beds took about an hour. Total cost of me making them was $25 a bed and two hours of my time. That's pretty awesome compared to the $100 per bed I was prepared to spend.

The beds are HUGE at 40"x35" and the dogs love them and are pretty much comatose on them all the time! And yes that is Bear's tongue sticking out! The black dog is named Bits.

Completed: February 2010

"Cleaned" the Quilting/Jewelry Studio....Finally

I spent some time in late January "cleaning" my quilting and jewelry studio. I say "cleaning" because other than some vacuuming, I mostly organized the chaos. My room had gotten so over run that I had a path from the door to my sewing machine. It was so cluttered it was killing my creativity and desire to create.

I spent a whole weekend purging, organizing, rearranging, etc. I picked up some great three drawer storage containers from Wal*Mart ($15 each!!) and I went to town. After two intensive days I could see my studio again! The HGTV folks would still fall over dead, but for me this is nirvana. I can find everything. I can move around. And best of all, I've been creating quilts like crazy ever since!

It feels so good. Now I need to motivate myself to tackle the rest of the house!! But at least I have my priorities straight! :)