Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quilt Show Follow up...

Went to the quilt show yesterday with my mom. We had a lovely time and it was as well a put on show as ever! I did not win a ribbon, BUT.... I did improve since previous years. Let me tell you why. The items I put in ranged from being started 2003 (finished 2007), 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Like any craft you work and practice at I have improved and those pieces reflected it. The judge's comments on each piece (which were awesome by the way) were so kind with their praise and the constructive criticism was spot on. One thing that I am still struggling with is to get a very nice binding done by machine (I won't do it by hand). The four earlier pieces had comments (deserved) on the binding. The 2007 piece (red and white) was the first time ever I didn't get a word on the binding from the judges at this show. YAHOO! BUT it still gets better. Three of my five entries never got out of the general pool for ribbon consideration. But two did (you could see extra checkboxes filled out on the form) and had a special "participant" ribbon included with the comments. They didn't ultimately win anything...but I consider it a personal victory that something I made got a little further than the general pool. YAY!!!!

Now if only I could convince my husband to let me be a kept woman so I could quilt and make jewelry all day everyday instead of finding time for it on night and weekends...I would be set!!! Think of all the improvement in my craft being made if I lived and breathed them every moment. Oh least now working pays for the fabric and pretties! It will have to do! ;)

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