Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Franciscan Crown Rosary in Pink and Silver

Piece Name: "Franciscan Crown Rosary"

My husband's aunt is a Franciscan Nun. She just celebrated her 70th birthday. I wanted to do something really special for her. So I made her a rosary, but not just any rosary but a Franciscan Crown Rosary that is favored by that order (Google it for more info). It differs in construction from a standard rosary in that the beads on the drop differ slightly and there are seven decades rather than five. We give it to her this Saturday! Can't wait. Just need to have it blessed before that!
This was made with 8mm Rose Quartz round beads, Sterling Silver medals and bead caps, and Argentium Sterling Silver 20 gauge wire. Piece completed 12/12/2007.

Pillowcases A Plenty!

Piece Name: Fun Kid Pillowcases

I went to a Love Apples Saturday Sew In for Charity. We made fun, child themed pillowcases for the charity ConKerr Cancer, an organization that gives bright pillowcases to kids undergoing cancer treatments in hospitals. We ended up making 54 that day!!! I enjoyed it so much I made these two for the children of a family friend for early Christmas presents. Boy were these a hit! Pieces completed 12/02/2007.

Pink In Every Window!

Piece Name: "Pink Cathedrals"

I took a Love Apples Cathedral Windows workshop taught by Linda Victor. What a blast! I decided to use the class sample we made to knock something off my to do list! So this pink, white, and buttoned baby pillow creation was born and is for Mikaela a new cousin to the family. This is really a fun one and the buttons hide a multitude of transgressions! The picture is me at my guild's Show and Tell. Piece completed 10/28/2007.