Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sea Meets the Gem and Silver Mines

This necklace was inspired by one of the necklaces in the book "Simply Pearls: Designs for Creating Perfect Pearl Jewelry" by Nancy Alden (on Page 80 if memory serves). This is a great eye candy and inspiration book!!! I will definitely be making more from it. This took one solid evening of many, many hours worth of work, but it was so worth it. The necklace wears so nicely (especially on a darker colored mock turtle neck) and is very flouncy. I enjoy wearing it and especially love the combined materials for the overall look.

Now for the technical stuff. This necklace was made with 8mm multi-colored faceted Tourmaline drops, a 12mm Green Amethyst faceted disc, 6mm round Fresh Water Pearls, clear seed beads, and Argentium Sterling Silver wire (24 and 20 guage).

Piece Completed: Mid May 2008

Mystery Unveiled

Piece Name: No. 25 - "A-Tisket A-Tasket" Quilt

I apologize that my posts are so few and far between! A lot of what I work on are gifts and surprises so I have to wait to post. This one I am technically revealing even sooner than I should, but I am doing it anyway!!! I taught a Mystery Quilt Class for my quilting guild back in March. I actually finished the quilt back then, but I couldn't post it because it was...well...a mystery! People from my guild sometimes read my blog and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. But I actually made the quilt as something more than a class sample, I made it for my neice (pink pillow several posts back) as her baby quilt. I usually make baby quilts shooting for first birthdays. This time I acually made deadline! I however procrastinated over the label and only did that I missed the deadline. I know I know, such a little thing to be late over! Anyhow, instead of mailing it, my in-laws are visiting my sister-in-law next week, so I am sending it down with them. This way I KNOW it will arrive safely.

This quilt was from an issue of "The Quilter" magazine from a few years ago. It is bright and cheery and was a fun one to make. It would flatter any fabric choice and even ditch quilting (which I did because it's a kid's quilt) yields a nice design to look at.

Piece completed: 03/14/2008