Monday, October 26, 2009

MidSummer Night's Dream Swap/Challenge...Finally Posted in October!

I belong to a boatload of jewelry related Yahoo groups. Mostly I lurk and absorb the talent displayed, but occasionally I join in on the fun. Back in March on the WWJSwaps-n-Challenges group one of the members named Lisa proposed a swap/challenge. The theme was Shakespeare's "A MidSummer Night's Dream". We had to create a wire item of our own creation that could be used in a completed piece (e.g, a clasp, charm, focal, etc.) and that fit with the theme. We then sent our completed item to our partner and they in turn sent theirs to us. I made this pendant named "Fairy's Lyre" in copper and pale pink and green Swarovski crystals as that was the metal and colors my swap partner requested. This was of my own design and not from a pattern. The superstructure of the lyre is all one piece of wire. The tight weaving work took awhile! I was quite pleased with the results and was sad to send this one on its way! I told my Swap partner Betty that I preferred either sterling silver or rolled gold and to surprise me. This is the fabulous pendant Betty made for me.

That was the swap, now for the challenge! The second part of this activity was to create a full piece in the theme that incorporated the completed item we were mailed. This is the piece I made using Betty's pendant. It is called "Titania's Torque, Necklace of a Queen" after one of the characters in the play. Betty made this stunning necklace called "Celtic Spring". Gorgeous isn't it!!

If you've never taken part in a swap or a challenge I suggest you jump in and try. It's fun and enlightening! Thank you Betty for your lovely work and insrpiration and thank you Lisa for thinking of and running the challenge!

Pieces Completed: April 2009

A Celebration of the 2009 Four Generation Boos Family Reunion!

My wonderful in-laws hosted a four generation family reunion in October in Walt Disney World. It was wonderful. All my husband's siblings (and their children and children's children) were all in the same place at the same time which very rarely happens. It was so awesome to have all eighteen of us from four generations and four states all in one place together!

Just days after my return I attended my guild's October meeting. I was running a Notebook Quilt guild activity where everyone participating had to create an 8.5"x11" mini quilt in the theme "Real or Imaginary Places or Things".

I decided to celebrate the wonderful family reunion with this creation for the guild activity. Pluto is my niece Allie's favorite character so I chose to make him the theme of my entry. Great fun to make!

Piece Completed: October 2009


WOW! I feel like I've made it big time by receiving a blog award. LOL! I feel so very honored to be nominated by the EXTREMELY talented and lovely Mei (open in FireFox) for the "One Lovely Blog Award". It's like when your role model that you admire and aspire to be like recognizes you and your talent. You're on top of the world. :)

Per the rules, I am to provide the name and link of my nominator (see above) and I am supposed to pick out 15 blogs that I just found out about. I spent a couple of hours picking out my 15 blogs to nominate. So much so my carpal tunnel is bothering me from all the scrolling and clicking! I found these from trolling through the people who follow my blog, some I already knew about but wanted to recognize anyhow, looking through other people's followers, and Googling. They are listed below in random order. They are all "One Lovely Blogs!"

Stop by their blogs, say hi, and enjoy! I know I certainly have a whole messload more blogs I am following!

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*** Removed. Blog owner changed hands and Blog completely changed content direction. Blog no longer one of my choices. ***

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