Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Has Melissa Been So Quiet?

Why have I been so quiet lately? Simple, I have been quilting. A LOT! Ever since my room was cleaned I have been trying to spend my free time in there creating quilts. I actually have five different projects going! One is a long overdue project, and the rest are all new projects. I also have the added incentive that my guild's quilt show is coming up in March 2011. If I want quilts to hang in it I best get cracking!

This post is a sneak peak of what's cooking.


pippijewelry said...

Nice! :D
I have never tried paper piecing for the Lone Star design (LOVE the colors in that one!). I have one of those rotary cutter tools for making them, and have made several of different sizes (I still have a queen-size Lone Star top in Amish colors that has been waiting for years to be quilted.)

Melissa in NJ said...

Hi Pippi! It is actually printed interfacing and it is brilliant! You can find it at among other plces (NAYY).

I hate all the diamonds done for that one. Trying to decide how to finish it now.