Friday, April 9, 2010

"Cleaned" the Quilting/Jewelry Studio....Finally

I spent some time in late January "cleaning" my quilting and jewelry studio. I say "cleaning" because other than some vacuuming, I mostly organized the chaos. My room had gotten so over run that I had a path from the door to my sewing machine. It was so cluttered it was killing my creativity and desire to create.

I spent a whole weekend purging, organizing, rearranging, etc. I picked up some great three drawer storage containers from Wal*Mart ($15 each!!) and I went to town. After two intensive days I could see my studio again! The HGTV folks would still fall over dead, but for me this is nirvana. I can find everything. I can move around. And best of all, I've been creating quilts like crazy ever since!

It feels so good. Now I need to motivate myself to tackle the rest of the house!! But at least I have my priorities straight! :)

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