Friday, October 17, 2008

One Melissa, Two Melissa!

Piece Name: "Golden Scrolls Paisley"

I belong to a lot of Yahoo groups dedicated to various methods of handmade jewelry making. An artist by the name of Melissa Muir was mentioned. I visited her website. Her jewelry is just exquisite. I was taken with many of her pieces, but this one inspired me and just stayed on my mind. Later on I sat down in my studio and started doodling with that piece in memory. I don't use the same techniques as Melissa used to make her piece, but knew I could make something inspired by that piece using the techniques I do employ. And so after much doodling, "Golden Scrolls Paisley" was born. It is almost identical to the final doodle except I removed one scroll.

This one is a keeper and I envision putting it on a burgandy cord of some sort. It is quite large...but I LOVE large jewelry that makes a statement. It is made with rolled gold in wire gauges 16, 18, and 24. The frame and center scroll are 16 gauge half hard. The other scrolls are 18 guage dead soft, and the coiling is 24 gauge dead soft. I worked on this piece on and off for three days. I'd work until I got sick of it!!! Those scrolls were fiddly to attach and the coiling was tedious! But I was diligent and I always returned to make a little more progress. I am quite proud of the result and that it was my very own design from start to finish thanks to Melissa's inspiration pendant! Thanks Melissa! Please do visit Melissa's website.

Completed: Early October 2008


Melissa said...


You did a fantastic job. I knew which piece it was right away that you used for your inspiration. You want to know the funny thing? It took me 3 days to make that stinking piece too, and for the very same reasons, the little wires were so fiddly, and then I melted one off, UGH!

You did a beautiful job. I am so glad that I could inspire you. You did a wonderful job on yours. I love it!

Thanks for the compliment on my work too. Imitation is the HIGHEST form of a compliment to me. ;)

~Melissa Muir~

Unknown said...

thanks for the sharing. The designs by Melissa is indeed special.