Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Pink Baby Pillow!

Piece Name: Pink Baby Pillow

You will see baby pillows repeated many times on this blog. I make them because they require not too much time (2 dedicated evenings) but enough time to still show I care for the person for which I am making them. I'd love to make quilts for everyone, but until I am a "kept woman" or hit the lottery and don't have to work, that's just not gonna happen. So this gives me the same sense of making something handmade and allows me to get it done too!!!

This pillow is for my husband's sister's husband's sister's daughter (say that six times fast!) who is expecting her first child a girl. If you have seen my baby pillows before you'll notice this one is a slight departure. It is a little easier for me to make and the results are still lovely.

Piece completed: 03/05/2008

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Anonymous said...

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