Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lullaby Lamby!

Piece Name: "Lullaby Lamb" Baby Pillow

Made this baby pillow for my cousin's baby shower. She and her husband are going to have their first child...a boy. This pillow was adapted from a quilt pattern called "Lullaby Lamb". It uses the layered chenille technique, fusible machine applique, and echo quilting. It is 21"x21". I used a safety pin with a pretty blue bow to attach a little "cow" bell to the lamb which adds a nice tinkly bell sound and furthers the 3D effect of the pillow. I know I made this so I am biased, but darn this one is precious!

Completed: January 17, 2009


PastelGuy said...

Your quilts are amazing! I've tried quilting before, and it just frustrates me when everything doesn't line up like it's supposed to... Thanks for visiting my blog and trying out my little test!

Anastassia's atelier said...

These lambies are so cute :)
Your work is very beautiful and precise!