Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Present Earrings

Piece Names: Sparkle & Luster Earrings and Irridescent Snowflake Earrings

Every year my husband gives his Aunt Kathy (his Godmother) a Christmas gift. Most years this translates to me selecting and taking care of the gift for him! This year we gave her a purchased silver mesh sterling silver bracelet, but I wanted to add to it, so I created the following two pairs of earrings for her from him. This first pair are what I call the "Sparkle & Luster Earrings" because they are made with two shades of red 4mm Swarovski bicone beads (the sparkle) and 7.5mm freshwater pearls (the luster). The metal is either Argentium Sterling Silver or regular Sterling Silver. These were made with simple bead wire wrapping techniques that I thought looked pleasing together and weren't inspired by any artist in particular.

Remember that fabulous wire artist Corra I mentioned in my previous post? I purchased her Snowflake Earrings tutorial and made these "Irridescent Snowflake Earrings" as the second earring pair in the Christmas gift. What a great and easy to follow tutorial! I used multi-colored irridescent seed beads with Argentium Sterling Silver to make these. They stubbornly resisted being photographed well and look crooked (I didn't feel like getting my light studio out so that's what I get)...but I assure you they came out wonderfully (and straight despite what they look like in my photos) thanks to Corra's wonderful instruction!

Both pieces completed: December 2008


Jean Menden said...

Hi Melissa
I can sure identify with the husband and the gift jewelry issue. I usually give the women my husband has to buy gifts for jewelry also. (They thank me though not him)
Thanks for commenting on my blog on WWJ.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for visiting my blog and I so appreciate the follow. :) I've added myself to follow your blog too and I have to say wow! I love your sewn items and your jewelry is wonderful too! Just wanted to say hello and thank you my new friend! For the new friendship! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Anonymous said...
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