Saturday, January 3, 2009

Experimentation Yields Sparklies!

Piece Names: Green Ladybug Pendant and Garnet & Silver Pipa Knot Pendant

After making so many snowflakes adhering losely to a pattern I felt creative and wanted to "play" with wire with nothing set in mind. The two pendants in this entry are the result. The first I call the "Green Ladybug" pendant. It is made with two gauges of Argentium Sterling Silver wire (20 and 28 I think), a 7.5 mm freshwater pearl, and three green shades of 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads. This one was all my design from start to finish. I need to find a dressy enough reason to wear this one!

The second pendant was inspired by the work of Corra an EXTREMELY talented Jewelry Artist whose work I admire and follow closely. I have purchased a couple of her tutorials. This Pipa Tear Drop Knot done in wire is actually a Chinese knotting technique that Corra elevates to new levels in wire. I was able to make this version of the knot by studying her lovely pieces and doing Chinese knotting research online. If you'd like to learn I HIGHLY recommend one of Corra's tutorials as they are FIRST rate! This pendant is made with two gauges of Argentium Sterling Silver wire (20 and 28 I think) and 4mm faceted garnet beads.

Both pieces completed: December 2008

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corra said...

Thank you my dear for complimenting the design. :)