Monday, November 17, 2008

Mini Quilts for a Good Cause!

Piece Name:"Jug of Black Eyed Susans" and "Kimono Fun" Mini Quilts

My Quilt Guild Love Apple Quilters of Cherry Hill, NJ has a quilt show every two years. The next show is March 14-15, 2009. We always have a Miniature Quilt Silent Charity Auction with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Camp Bright Feathers...a camp for Kids with or affected by HIV/AIDS that lets them forget the disease for a little while and just be kids. All the Mini Quilts are made and donated by guild members or friends of the guild. These are two (with at least one more following) are the ones I am donating to this worthy cause.

Black Eye Susans were my wedding flower and I've loved them since I was a child and picked them roadside while walking to/from the beach in Kitty Hawk, N.C. as a child. This quilt is machine embroidered and the two focal flowers are 3D. The main design was embroidered on the beige fabric and the 3D flowers were embroidered on water soluable fabric that melted away leaving only the stitched design.

I have a treasure trove practically of oriental fabrics and decided to use some of them. I have a pattern for a 3D folded Kimono that I used to make the Kimono and I randomly placed the squares and rectangles so that they pleased my eye and appliqued them in place. They were both fun projects that I did over the course of one weekend! P.S. If the mini quilts look crooked or misshapen in the pictures it's only the perspective as I quick snapped the pictures before running to work and used the nearest available chair back to prop them up (a curved chairback!!!).

Completed: November 1-2, 2008

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Karen Alexander said...

Hi Melessia, I never quite know sometimes how I wind up on someone's blog when I am out browsing because one bog links to another and another and soon browsing just becomes an end in itself. Especially when I know I am going to see beautfiul quilts! I especially liked your little Black-eyed Susan small quilt. When my daughter started in college at UVA in 1990, I would drive to Charlottesville from Northernn VA and stop and pick these beautiful wild Black-eyed Susans along the way. It made teh trip extra specila along an already gorgeous drive! I learned very quickly to always have a big cooler of water with me so that they would last the 90 minute drive! Quilt history is my passion. YOu can visit me at Cheers!