Saturday, January 5, 2008

All Wired Up!

Piece Name: "2007 Yearly Christmas Craft - SS Wire Ornaments"

Every year going back to my teens I have made a Christmas Craft as one of my gifts to people (at least 16 years). The crafts have encompassed many different materials and

techniques and the people that get them tell me they look forward to seeing what I make from year to year. This year I came right down to the wire (no pun intended)!!! I had a few ideas floating around but saw a picture of a wire ornament (very similar to the simple bells above) on the internet and was inspired. I got crafting that very night! The ornaments would have all been the simple

bells but I ran out of the heavy guage wire I was using and went improvisational with the remaining ornmanets. The star is the only one I kept for our tree.

These ornaments were made with varying guages of Argentium Sterling Silver wire, glass beads, rose quartz beads, and new jade beads. Pieces completed 12/14/2007.

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