Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Apples 2011 Quilt Show Challenge Entry

For every quilt show my quilt guild has a quilt challenge. If you scroll through some of my older posts you'll see some entries I've done in the past. With the birth of the twins I really didn't think I'd have time to create an entry this year (I usually do a quilt). I managed to have some time on the actual deadline day the challenge entry was due (thanks to my wonderful husband taking the twins all day!!) and decided to go for it. I certainly didn't have time to make a quilt or clothing item in a few hours time, so I opted to enter something into the "Other" category. I Googled to get some inspiration and this challenge piece is what I came up with at the 11th and a half hour!

I made his "Little Girl's Bunny Basket Play Set" as my entry. Per the rules (which you can find if you follow the "quilt challenge" link above), all entries had to have at least one basket that contained something. This certainly qualifies!

It was a fun (if rushed) project. I learned a new technique making the basket and had a blast making the carrots. If I were to do this again (when I had more time!) I'd add a face to the front of the basket and a cotton ball tail to the back. I'd also have made a dozen carrots instead of ten, and would probably make other types of fruit too. But either way, not too shabby for a last minute entry!!! Maybe I'll win in my category. :)

To see my inspiration for this play set, please visit these links:

The tutorial I followed (and modified slightly) to make the carrots!

The tutorial I followed (and modified slightly) to make the basket!

The idea to do the bunny ears (I didn't follow this pattern, but it did give me the idea to do it)!

All the challenge entries will be displayed at the 2011 Love Apples Quilt Guild Quilt Show in March. If you are local (South Jersey) please do come!

Completed: February 2011


rubyslipperz said...

What a fun basket! How cool is THAT!!

=) new follower =)

Swati said...

I just have to do basket weaving one day. It must be so much fun! I kinda do it on a very miniature scale with jewelry. But making real baskets must be amazing. This is a very fun and pretty basket. Love the color!

Joel said...

Hi, Nice post I enjoyed reading it. Can I contact you through your email? Please email me back. Thanks!



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