Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mystery Unveiled

Piece Name: No. 25 - "A-Tisket A-Tasket" Quilt

I apologize that my posts are so few and far between! A lot of what I work on are gifts and surprises so I have to wait to post. This one I am technically revealing even sooner than I should, but I am doing it anyway!!! I taught a Mystery Quilt Class for my quilting guild back in March. I actually finished the quilt back then, but I couldn't post it because it was...well...a mystery! People from my guild sometimes read my blog and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. But I actually made the quilt as something more than a class sample, I made it for my neice (pink pillow several posts back) as her baby quilt. I usually make baby quilts shooting for first birthdays. This time I acually made deadline! I however procrastinated over the label and only did that I missed the deadline. I know I know, such a little thing to be late over! Anyhow, instead of mailing it, my in-laws are visiting my sister-in-law next week, so I am sending it down with them. This way I KNOW it will arrive safely.

This quilt was from an issue of "The Quilter" magazine from a few years ago. It is bright and cheery and was a fun one to make. It would flatter any fabric choice and even ditch quilting (which I did because it's a kid's quilt) yields a nice design to look at.

Piece completed: 03/14/2008

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